You and You and You is Us.

Any Change.

Any positive impact we have for people, for the planet and for the pursuit of happiness will be lead by you and you and you. And me. Change will be lead by us.

Not one organization, not one government, not one business or foundation is big enough, let alone nimble enough, to power the change we want. Each plays an indispensable, unique part but, not one of us has all the resources let alone all the answers.

The assault on injustice and broken-ness in our community and the advancement of beauty for all will be lead by a collection of souls and the organizations they drive. These difference makers have a calling to contribute, not just consume. It's a collection of interdependent thinkers and doers that actively connects and collaborates to do more good together.

The Why.

This collective, The Collective, is starting here; starting now. It's lead by people, causes and companies that care to live, serve and love their neighbor and our world in a unique, actionable way. Why? Because, it's who we are and what we're about.

With a spirit of camaraderie, connectedness and compassion The Collective is forming and acting. Don't underestimate the power of you--without you the "Us" is missing a voice that matters, yours.

We, The Collective, is looking to one another, to make the impossible possible for the people, for the planet and for the pursuit of happiness. Join us.

your voice

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