It's an idealistic word. When it works, we co-labor, co-contribute and cooperate. We get things done.

We're about making it work. With you and you and you.

We're moving the conversation from "I" and "You" to "US."

Collaboration is rewarding. It also gets results. That's what we're all after, results--real, tangible results. However, the quest for personal recognition pushes against the force of collaboration.

Focus on results. Results is something we can all celebrate and there's plenty of recognition for all to share in.

results come from listening, sharing and acting

Listen to your peers as they work through their #WhatIfOKC possibilities at facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Act by offering feedback and sharing your own #WhatIfOKC, #WhatIfBoulder, #WhatIfGuthrie and so on vision now.

There's no limit to the possibilities when we work together.