Feedback Requested on "The Wall of Possibilities"

Please take a look at the screenshots below and share your feedback. This will be really helpful as we prepare to launch a meaningful way to connect folks that want to create more good together at

Here’s the context started with a vision of creating tangible outcomes in partnership with the global community that cares about people, the planet and the pursuit of happiness. When we coupled the mission of "tangible outcome” with the idea of “Community” it defined what MadePossibleBy.US is. It’s a Social Action Community built by you and you and you. All of (you) are the "US" that will make good things possible.

We're building a community to inspire & ignite people, brands and causes to make more good possible. Celebrating all the doers & makers!

Rather than push miscellaneious crowdfunding projects on a disconnected crowd hoping to find a right fit, we tested the idea of really listening to (you) and then collaborating around the projects (you) love. You have a voice that the world needs to hear. Because of you, the #WhatIfOKC conversation trended at the top of the twitter verse for 12 hours and informed our first social good projects! 

(you) proved the hypothesis!

Thank you for proving the hypothesis that people want to do more good together and want to share their ideas about how! Thank you for continuing to invest in the conversation and being willing to act. Your role in the equation ensures brand sponsor resources will join US which makes even more good things possible by US.

More Form and Function

To continue being thoughtful stewards of your ideas on community dialogue and thus tangible outcomes, we've created a Wall of Possibilities. It’s a place to share project possibilities, then discuss, vote and invite our friends to the conversation. When our community feels a project is meaningful, we’ll act—we’ll present the project to Partners and then all of US make them happen.

Here’s the screenshots.

Let us know what you like and how to make things better suit you. We’re working hard and thoughtfully to build something to inspire action and your input is valued, appreciated and we’ll do our best to deliver on your requests.

List of Possibilities from the Community

List of Possibilities from the Community

Detailed view

You'll see more detail and able to vote, comment by selecting a Possibility from the Wall Of Possibilities.

You'll see more detail and able to vote, comment by selecting a Possibility from the Wall Of Possibilities.

Here’s to you and your visions of making good sustainable, real and together.

With gratitude,

Your @MadePossibleBy Team