Rerouting sponsorship requests to your Made Possible By Community Impact Page


Sponsorship requests come from many sources: email, telephone calls, letters, and/or drop-in visits. Even internally when employees ask you to consider sponsoring a project, event or organization.

Made Possible By streamlines these requests by consolidating all requests into a central place and system.

Reroute requests to your Made Possible By community impact page

When you receive a request for community sponsorship, here's sample language to reroute the request to your Made Possible By system.

"Thank you for thinking of us. We would love to learn more! Would you go to our site, click on the Made Possible By icon next to instagram? You can learn about who we are, what we value and what we've sponsored.

If you think we might be a good partner, just complete the application for sponsorship and we will be in touch.

Thank you for thinking of us and we appreciate the work you’re up to.”

This simple redirection will save you time and allow you to simplify and centralize the sponsorship process. It also allows you to review requests apart from the day-to-day operations.

You may use this type of language in a few ways:

  • When asked in person. When someone approaches you in the course of your workday, just ask them to apply. Then, you may thoughtfully review the request.

  • When you receive a phone call

  • Create a template response for emails. When you’re asked through email, take the request out of your inbox and place it into the system. You may use the language we provided above or craft your own message. However, make sure you include the link to your Community Impact Page.

If you haven’t added the Made Possible By icon to your site, we show you how here.

Finally, make sure you coach and equip your staff to reroute requests as well.