Components of effective sponsorship guidelines

Because you can’t say “Yes” to every opportunity, sponsorship guidelines will guide your decisions and make the decisions easier.

what’s your objective with your community investment?

Have an objective. What do you hope to accomplish with your investment? You are likely motivated by one or a combination of any of these.

  • You value certain issues and opportunities. Let these values be your guide-that is, align your community investment with your values

  • You want to help solve a community problem and/or create memorable community experiences

  • You want brand visibility

  • You want to more deeply engage your employees and community by sponsoring what they value

define your criteria

Common components of effective sponsorship guidelines include:

  1. Where. Define the geographic area, community, causes and customers you serve. Does the project or event add value and awareness to the community and consumers you serve?

  2. Awareness. Does the organization requesting sponsorship have a promotional plan that brings awareness to the project, event and the sponsors?

  3. Values driven. Define your values and invest in the projects, events and relationships that align with your values and brand.

  4. Amount and type. How are you able to invest? Cash, in-kind, volunteer hours, space? Let the requestor know the types of contributions you do and do not make.

You may request metrics and benchmarks for the project or event.

  • Budget that outlines the use of funds

  • Promotional plan. how many people will the event serve and reach?

  • What other sponsors are participating?

Once you have sponsorship guidelines, you may post them on your application by uploading a .pdf file.