Receiving and Reviewing Sponsorship Requests

receiving A Sponsorship request

As you reroute sponsorship requests to your Community Impact Page, your Made Possible By administrator will receive an email notification when an application is submitted.

Reviewing a Sponsorship

You may view and manage all sponsorship requests by logging in to Made Possible By. Once you log in:

Select, "Sponsorships" from the navigation.

You will then see a table of historical sponsorship requests. To manage a request, select "View" on the far right of the table.

Once you select "View" you are able to track the details of the sponsorship request including:

  • Accept or Decline;

  • Track the cash contribution

  • Cash value of an in-kind contribution

  • And even volunteer hours.

When you’ve added the details of hour sponsorship participation, just hit save.

Once you've sponsored a project or event, make sure to share the story on your profile.