Made Possible By Site Update

It's been less than a year since we launched Made Possible By. It feels like just yesterday and forever ago--all at the same time. In the last 11 months, we've learned so much, thanks to the friendship, feedback and insight from our peers and customers across 3 states.

No August Lull.

We made the most of August (and the past 11 months) by listening to feedback and then designing and developing an updated problem-solving platform for our peers, the community-minded companies we serve.

Simplifying Sponsorship 

Community-minded companies across the country express similar challenges with sponsorship requests.

Made Possible By makes it easier for these companies to accept and review sponsorship requests then share the stories of those they support. You may learn more about how it works on the site.

The "Why" behind the solution

The vision is to equip every community-minded company to create and inspire impact in their communities with their peers, customers and the causes they love. Experience shows that we can have a greater impact when we share and support stories of impact together.


Just look for the Made Possible By icon on the sites of a growing list of community-minded companies. You will get the idea.

Special Thanks

Made Possible By is a start-up, as such, we rely upon the feedback and support of a community of visionary leaders and customers. They help us define the exact problems they want solved and help us refine solutions that meet their needs.

So, we'd like to thank Plenty Mercantile, i2e, Midtown Renaissance, Urban Teahouse, Eskridge Chevrolet, Hoboken Coffee, Orthodontic Arts, Levate, Cooper House Creative for helping us refine and grow Made Possible By. There are many more. These are just a few of the people we had long conversations with this past year.

We have a growing list of features that make sponsorship easier and more rewarding for all involved. Until then, we just want to say Thank You!

All our best,