Why We Built Made Possible By

Made Possible By makes it easier for community minded companies to manage and share their grant, sponsorship and charitable gift requests. We're reinventing the community investment process for companies with an easy to use, online toolset that saves time and money and helps you earn community and customer trust.

After connecting with hundreds of companies like yours, we found that they receive numerous requests to give back to their community. With these opportunities to give back comes some challenges.

We discovered three such challenges.

process problems

Businesses receive a lot of requests to give back.

  • Weekly, and even daily, companies are asked to give back. These requests come from email, phone call, drop in visits and snail mail.

  • Multi-location companies receive the same requests at different locations.

  • Single location companies receive the same request from different people within their own company.

  • Handling each request for sponsorship takes time.

Without a system, these requests become overwhelming; sometimes even lost or forgotten.


The total scope of a company's community investments are often unknown by those in the community.

  • That's because the investment is shared temporarily: the poster with a company's logo is taken down and the placard on the sponsored, 9th hole is pulled up when the event is over. The social media post? it flies by like a billboard on the freeway.

  • There's not a single location where all the work a company does in and for the community is available for view.

As a result, community impact and goodwill is temporary, or even unknown.


Finally, customers and community members want to do business with companies that do good. But, most people aren't aware of a company's total investment in the communities they serve.

We built Made Possible By to solve the process and awareness problems associated with community investment. As a result, we save you time and help you better connect with your community and customers.

We do this by offering a digital space for you to centralize the sponsorship process and better tell your story. We provide your own Community Impact Page.

Learn how to make the most of Made Possible By in our resource section. If you’d like more details about how Made Possible By works, connect with us.

Consumers expect companies to...invest[ing] in causes in local communities and around the globe.
— Sustainable Brands